BA (Hons) History

BA History (Hons)

  • Course Duration 4 years

Final prospectus 2024 UG


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Programme Outcome

  1. Historical Knowledge: Graduates should have a comprehensive understanding of key events, developments, movements, and figures in local, national, and global history across different time periods.
  2. Critical Analysis: Students should develop strong critical thinking skills to analyze historical sources, interpretations, and arguments, evaluating their reliability, biases, and implications.
  3. Research Skills: BA History programs often emphasize research methodologies, including archival research, primary source analysis, historiography, and digital research techniques, enabling students to conduct independent research projects.
  4. Effective Communication: Graduates should be proficient in communicating historical ideas, arguments, and findings effectively, both in written and oral forms, to various audiences, including academic, public, and professional audiences.
  5. Interdisciplinary Understanding: BA History programs may foster interdisciplinary perspectives by integrating insights from related fields such as sociology, political science, anthropology, literature, art history, and cultural studies, among others.
  6. Historiographical Awareness: Students should develop an understanding of different historical interpretations, perspectives, and debates, including the role of historiography in shaping historical narratives and understandings.
  7. Ethical Awareness: BA History programs often encourage students to consider ethical issues in historical research and interpretation, including questions of representation, power, identity, and cultural sensitivity.
  8. Global Perspective: Given the interconnected nature of human history, graduates should have a broad understanding of global historical processes, interactions, and exchanges, including the study of transnational and comparative history.
  9. Digital Literacy: In an increasingly digital world, students may gain proficiency in utilizing digital tools and resources for historical research, analysis, presentation, and dissemination.
  10. Preparation for Further Study or Career Advancement: The program aims to prepare students for various career paths, including academia, education, archives and museums, public history, journalism, law, government, non-profit organizations, and business, as well as for further study at the graduate level if desired.