B Com (Hons)

B.Com (Hons)

  • Course Duration 4 years

Final prospectus 2024 UG

Course outcome

A Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) equips students with a strong foundation in business and commercial principles. The course outcomes of studying BCom can be broadly categorized into three areas:


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of core business subjects like accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and management.
  • Develop a strong grasp of business regulations, legal aspects, and taxation.
  • Learn about different business organizations and their operations.
  • Business organization structure
  • Gain insights into international trade and global business practices.


  • Develop analytical and problem-solving skills to tackle complex business challenges.
  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate and communicate with stakeholders.
  • Hone critical thinking and decision-making abilities to make informed business decisions.
  • Acquire proficiency in using technology and software applications relevant to the business world.

Attitudes and Values:

  • Foster ethical and professional conduct in business practices.
  • Develop an appreciation for social responsibility and sustainability in business operations.
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to identify and pursue business opportunities.

By acquiring these knowledge, skills, and values, BCom graduates gain a competitive edge in the job market and are well-prepared for various careers in diverse sectors like banking, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, and management.