PRINCIPAL: Dr. Priya P Menon, Associate Professor of Statistics


The College Council serves as an advisory body to the Principal and comprises Department Heads, Elected Faculty Representatives, and the Senior Superintendent.

Council Members

Chairperson: Dr. Priya P Menon, Principal

Members: Vice-Principal: Ms. Anne Placid (Asst. Prof. of English)
Ms. Geethabai R (Head Accountant)
Dr. Lalimol Varghese P. (Asso. Prof. of Hindi)
Siju Sebastian (Asst. Prof.of Commerce)
Dr. Uma P. (Asst. Prof. of Economics:)
Ms. Manjusha S. M. (Asst. Prof. of History)
Ms. Lissy Joseph (Asst. Prof. of Malayalam)
Mr. Shreekanth S. K. (Asst. Prof. of Phy. Edu.)
Dr. George Vargheese (Asst. Prof. of Political
Ms. Simi Thomas (Asst. Prof. of Statistics)
Sri.Ajish A, Elected Member
Ms. Sminu Paul (College Librarian)


The college office functions from 10.00 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days. Services available from the office include

Admission and fee collection

Scholarships, stipend and grants

Issue of TC and cours certificate

University examination – application and fee collection

Issue of university marklists and provisional degree certificates

Refund of caution deposit

Working Time

Students: 10.00 AM to 04.00 PM (Lunch Break: 01.00 PM to 02.00 PM)

Teaching Staff: 09.30 AM to 04.30 PM

Non-Teaching Staff: 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Sweepers and Sanitation Workers: 08.30 AM to 3.30 PM

Night Watchmen: 04.30 PM to 08.30 AM


Position Name Designation
Information Officer  Satheesh K.V.  Assistant Professor, Department of English
Appellate Authority  Dr. Priya P. Menon Principal