The National Service Scheme (NSS) serves several important purposes. NSS is a voluntary community service program for students in colleges and universities. Its primary objectives and purposes include:

  1. Community Service: NSS encourages students to actively participate in community service activities. Through these activities, students can contribute to the well-being and development of society, particularly in rural and underprivileged areas.
  2. Personality Development: NSS aims to foster the holistic development of students. It provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility, all of which contribute to their personal growth and character development.
  3. Social Responsibility: NSS instills a sense of social responsibility in students. It helps them recognize the needs and issues of the community and motivates them to take action to address these concerns.
  4. Education and Awareness: NSS promotes awareness and understanding of various social and environmental issues among students. It encourages them to actively engage in initiatives related to health, education, sanitation, and other social causes.
  5. Civic Engagement: NSS encourages students to become active and responsible citizens. It fosters a sense of citizenship and democratic values by involving students in community development and social welfare activities.
  6. Skill Development: NSS provides opportunities for students to acquire practical skills through their participation in various community projects. This includes skills related to communication, problem-solving, and project management.
  7. Health and Hygiene: NSS often includes health-related programs and activities, including awareness campaigns, medical camps, and sanitation drives, to promote public health and hygiene.
  8. Environmental Conservation: Many NSS activities focus on environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging students to participate in tree planting, waste management, and other ecological initiatives.
  9. National Integration: NSS promotes national integration by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and regions to work on common goals. It helps in breaking down social and cultural barriers.
  10. Youth Leadership: NSS identifies and nurtures youth leaders who can become agents of positive change in their communities and society at large.
  11. Promotion of Values: NSS promotes values like compassion, empathy, and social justice among students.

NSS serves as a platform for students to engage in meaningful community service, personal development, and social responsibility. It plays a vital role in fostering a sense of citizenship, leadership, and civic engagement among the youth while contributing to the betterment of society.

NSS Programme Officers

Mr. Ajish A. (Asst. Prof. of
Dr. Niji C. I. (Asst. Prof. of English

NSS Advisory Committee

Dr. Uma P.
(Asst. Prof. of Economics)
Dr. Binu K. D. (Asso. Prof. of English)
Ms. Manjusha S. M. (Asst. Prof. of History)
Ward Councillor: Mr. Arjunan D.
Staff Adviser